Founded in 2005 by Kim ‘Kiki’ Keating and Matt Symonds, the MaKi Network organises the leading international media conferences in Europe, Asia, the GCC and Latin America between the media, business schools and universities.

Our industry experience and passion for people means that we have great connections with pretty much all the top schools worldwide, and can help the media source the right people and ideas for their coverage.

Our personal database of editors, reporters and bloggers - built over a 19 year period - is hard to match. We believe that unconditional help, responsiveness and a sense of fun is a smarter and more enjoyable way to work in the media industry.



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Kim ‘Kiki’ Keating

Kiki is among the best connected PR professionals in the industry. She was the Director of Communications at the Tuck School of Business for 15 years. Recognized by peers and editors as a dedicated and sincere professional with limitless energy, she achieved remarkable coverage for Tuck, and the school’s professors, students and programs.

She brings her experience, ideas and personal network to every MaKi event and connection with the media.


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Matt Symonds

Matt is an international expert on business and graduate education. He contributes to Forbes and the BBC, and previously The Economist, and BusinessWeek among dozens of other prestigious publications.

His best-selling book about b-schools was sponsored by Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

As the S of QS he founded the World MBA Tour in 1995, and ran events in over 40 countries, overseeing media partnerships and candidate marketing.

He uses social media to stay connected with over 800 editors and journalists around the world.